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Port Sigurd International Ltd is a specialty vendor in the scrap & waste materials industry. With a collective experience spanning 30+ years, you are in the best hands for your needs. Our core area is the  processing & sale of waste materials and assorted commodities.

With our focus on sustainable resources, we support a circular economy with solutions for materials that can be reused.

From waste bins that that collect the refuse to the machines that process it, over to the raw material generated in the process, we are happy to offer you the right solutions and products on both ends of the spectrum.


North to South, East to West, we're there. With clients from all ends of the world,we are happy to help you no matter where you are.


Time is of the essence and nowhere is this more true than in global trade. Our business credo centers on service and speed.


Without you, our client, we would not be in business. That's why we constantly train ourselves in cross-border communications and service.


We prefer to develop long-term partnership. As such, as an associate you will have tailor-made long term supply contracts at your disposal.

State of the Art Supply Chains

Based on the need for precision, speed and quality, we apply state of the art supply chains. That way, we can virtually guarantee absokute accuracy of products and secure deliveries all over the world.

Quality All Around

From small to big, quality is at the center of Port Sigurd. Our product range is selected according to the highest standards and we are happy to offer you fast turnaround times, secure deliveries and most of all peace of mind.

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